Diversity and Equality

Adhering to the humanistic spirit of “Diversity, Equality and Human-centered”, the Group is committed to creating an equal, diverse and inclusive working environment. We provide employees with highly competitive remuneration and welfare, as well as efficient training system and global job opportunities. On the basis of respecting human rights and diversity as well as ensuring their health and safety, we help our employees reach their full potential, so that every employee can “Work Happily and Live with Peace of Mind”.

2030 Sustainable Development goals

    ● Establish safety & health management system according to ISO 45001 and other international standards, to continuously create a safe and healthy working environment for employees

    ● Reduce Lost Time Injury Frequency Rate (LTIFR) by 15% (2019 baseline)

    ● Achieve 100% attendance rate of employee safety and health training

2022 Progress

    ● Established internal audit system in accordance with ISO 45001, including 7 chapters such as management system, occupational health and safety and public hygiene and completed 38 EHSQ audits, constantly improving a safe working environment for our employees

    ● The LTIFR in China is 3.88, reduced by 71% compared to 2019 and the global LTIFR is 16.63

    ● 100% employees received safety and health related trainings

Building a Diversified Working Environment

As a company that operates globally, we are committed to building an equal and inclusive work environment for our employees and promoting positive and diversified development.

Promoting Employees’ Personal Growth

Training employees in communication and continuous creativity is at the core of the Group's talent development strategy. We established a complete training system, and formulated an all-round incentive mechanism to provide employees with job opportunities for internal growth and global mobility, and help more employees achieve self-development and value realization.

Improving the Sense of Happiness

We focus on listening to our employees and carry out rich and diverse employee care activities to help them achieve work-life balance, while paying attention to their physical and mental health and providing protection for their occupational health and safety.