Coordinated Development

We are committed to developing a responsible supply chain and creating eco-friendly and responsible holiday experience. We continuously optimize management of our supply chains, in which each link related to procurement bears social and environmental responsibility. In the meantime, we are fostering a sustainable business model featuring coordinated development with local suppliers.

2030 Sustainable Development goals

    ● Continuously improve local procurement

    ● Encourage suppliers to set environmental protection targets and verify their environmental protection behaviors through supplier audits

2022 Progress

    ● Club Med local procurement proportion reached 89%,The proportion of local procurement in China reached 69.21%

    ● 69% of key suppliers in China had taken ESG audited by the Group Headquarters 

    ●100% food and 72% construction raw material suppliers of Atlantis Sanya and Club Med Lijiang have been audited

Supply Chain Management

The Group has laid out internal management policies such as the Fosun Tourism Group Cost Contract Management System, establishing standardized processes and mechanisms including supplier admission and registration, maintenance and assessment, dismissal and punishment. The Group has also implemented graded management of suppliers to fully guarantee the scientific and effective management of procurement and suppliers. Through all these measures, responsible procurement has been integrated into each procedure of supplier management.

Responsible Procurement

We have been committed to responsible procurement, embedding sustainability commitments at every stage of the procurement process. We attach great importance to supply chain ESG risk management and incorporate supplier social responsibility performance into supplier selection and evaluation, and are committed to spreading the concept of sustainable development in our supply chain management system. In addition, by actively promoting local procurement, we stay committed to producing and providing more responsible and traceable products and services.

Cooperation for Win-win Results

We are committed to continuously improving the overall capabilities of suppliers through business communication and mutual assistance, and to enhancing the quality and efficiency of our suppliers' products and services through multi-parties interactions. We have established communication channels with our suppliers. All suppliers can provide suggestions and communicate with us through the customer service center on the online bidding platform. We have also strengthened cooperation with suppliers through regular communication, visits, seminars, cultural exchanges, to learn from each other and make progress together.